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Topic: Overwatch Legendary Edition Giveaway!
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Thanks to Blizzard we've got 20 digital copies of Overwatch Legendary Edition on PC to give away! Entry is simple, all you need to do is answer a simple question to go into the running - hint, is has something to do with choosing one of the 29 heroes currently playable in the Overwatch roster.

So get in quick, and Click Here for the Competition Page.

Also, Overwatch is currently on sale on sale from now until Thursday, November 29 at 7PM at 66% off for the Legendary Edition (currently at $29.95 AUD, down from $89.95 AUD) and 63% off the Standard Edition (currently at $21.95 AUD, down from $59.95 AUD). Head on over to for more info.
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria
So, did anyone win?
Posts: 952
Location: Queensland
^^^^ I have checked comps from years ago and the winners never got announced dude.

Check out the "Legion Blu ray and Xbox One S Giveaway" is over a year old and they winners never got announced.

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Posts: 6594

I've won an ausgamers comp before, they didn't announce winners publicly.

Massive ups to ausgamers for that btw <3 not sure if I said thank you at the time.
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

I still wear my How Big Is Your Sack? warcraft t-shirt.

Its the tits <3
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