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Topic: Razer Nommo Pro Review - Near-Audiophile Sound that Transend...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

As a Razer product, the Nommo Pro 2.1 speaker package at a glance might sound like the company's flagship or high-end PC speaker package. And although that statement is partially true, the versatility of the Nommo Pro (thanks to Bluetooth and other inputs) make it so much more. From the funky design to exceptional audio performance - you'd be hard pressed not to be impressed.

The Nommo Pros follow the traditional setup of subwoofer, full-range drivers, and tweeters for audio. Razer even went so far to follow the industry-standard (for high-end speakers that is) use of Kevlar fibre for each of the drivers, and a silk dome finish for the tweeters (which naturally handle the high-end frequencies). And although the subwoofer at a glance looks like one of those woofer-free airflow designs, this isn’t the case as Razer has opted for both a traditional woofer, firing downward, in a design that aims to amplify the bass response over the overall smaller size of the woofer compared to a full-size home theatre offering. Air-flow is used to increase the overall ‘bass impact’ which affects the punchy-ness of lower frequencies, but the overall bass itself sounds warm and natural. The overall result, to say the least, is impressive.

Razer in collaboration with THX and Dolby have created a truly impressive package with the Nommo Pro that blends the old and the new into a design that looks unlike anything else out there - but still delivers a rich, full, and clear sound.

Click Here to Read Our Full Razer Nommo Pro Review
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