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Topic: Fallout 76 – Review In-Progress (The First 30 Hours)
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

A decent length of time to spend with any game no doubt, but as the sort of Fallout player that takes their time to explore the world and its locations - there's still a lot to discover and experience before we're ready to whack on a score and provide some final thoughts. Even though the game itself will surely change over time. In the meantime though, we got thoughts. Plenty.

In our Fallout 76 review in-progress, covering the first 30 hours spent with the game.
Even though the size and scope of Fallout 76 is quite large – with grand ambition that will no doubt see the experience evolve and grow over the next couple of years – it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s all a little strange. And slightly off. With both well implemented as well as odd design choices and mechanics that take some time to get used to. The sheer number of glitches, bugs, and weird animations, coupled with the not always stable online focus, also results in an overall game that feels sloppy. Scrappy. More so than Bethesda Game Studios titles of the past. Rough around the edges to the point where the term becomes meaningless - due to the absence of any well-defined edge.

But even so, it presents a fascinating and rewarding world to explore.

Click Here to Read the Full Fallout 76 – Review In-Progress
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It's weird that FO76 seems like a step back in the overall development of this genre. 10+ years ago we got STALKER (a year before Fallout 3) and IMO the fallout games have never gotten close to STALKER level in gameplay, storytelling or world building. But tbh I haven't played NV which is meant to be really good.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

It looks really s***, like offensively s***, can't believe they're making people pay AAA prices for that, its a $20 early access title at best.

Sales are way down for it too, I got an email from EB yesterday already offering it for $50 off. Hopefully this is the slap in the face that makes Bethesda wake the f*** up and realise they can't just rest on their laurels and churn out the same buggy pieces of s*** over and over and print money off them.
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Location: Queensland

IMO it was a waste of development time and money that could have gone towards making that new game Beth has coming and intern that would speed up us, getting TES6. What they should have been doing the past few years instead of this.

Stalker good story? No one plays stalker for the story, they play it for the cheeki breeki Chernobyl atmosphere and the decent gunplay, mostly play it for mods now though. Like Lost Alpha, Call of Chernobyl and Misery.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I'm loving it. It's the same old Fallout but that's what I was hoping for. I agree totally with the comment that is so easy to get lost for hours and forget about the time. I have barely progressed down the main story, I just end up chasing every rabbit down its hole.

I find myself having to scavenge an d repair weapons more often. I don't like the fast travel bottle cap system as caps are hard enough to come by as it is. The new SPECIAL rank up system uses a cool 1950 styled baseball card collecting system.
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

But tbh I haven't played NV which is meant to be really good.
Can't help responding to this link a proverbial bat signal...

New Vegas is utterly amazing. F3 is okay but is unplayable trash compared to New Vegas. The thought of replaying F3 makes me feel ill but I'm always up for New Vegas.
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Location: Queensland

There is that new mod for Vegas too that came out last month. - I should get around to playing it.
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