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Topic: Olympus Me That Controller - Warriors Orochi 4 Review
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Ahead of firing up Koei Tecmo's latest hack-and-slash offering, it was worth taking a moment to go over my history with the Dynasty Warriors series and all of its many off-shoots. And a moment is all it took because Warriors Orochi 4 is the first Omega Force-developed game that I've played. Not for lack of interest or any real reason other than, "hmm, guess I haven't played one of these before".

Turns our they're a lot of fun.
Warriors Orochi 4 is fun, pure and simple. A blast even. Something that I’ve actively looked forward to playing over several other games featuring large open-worlds filled with deep character customisation, branching storylines, fancy weather effects, online events and activities, and go-anywhere and do-anything design. Perhaps it’s simple respite ahead of the release of Rockstar’s impending Western Epic 2, but this is the sort of game that lives up to – in the best possible way – the term mindless fun. Which is an apt description, because it was well over two-hours into playing Warriors Orichi 4 before I noticed each character you control has a health bar. Magic and charge bars sure, that stuff fuels the insane combos and on-screen mayhem, but playing Warriors Orochi 4 is an exercise in never taking any sort of noticeable damage. Or dying.

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