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Topic: wtb lga 1155 i5 (or i7)
Posts: 41198
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
got some old parts sitting around (in brisbane) that you may want to get rid of?

chasing 1155 i5 (or i7) if you are interested in selling one to me....
Posts: 4415
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
i have an i5-3470 you can have for $70 (first comparable price found on ebay)
Posts: 41199
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
thanks bro, i ended up getting my hands on i5-2500k for a bit less than that, so that was scoresys.

unfortunately i couldnt make it play nice with a mobo given to me :(

so now ive just sourced a ASUS P8Q77-M2 for not much either which ill have another crack at building tomororw.
Posts: 4416
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
oh ok well hey i'm open to offer's on it if you wanty

i tried to get it to play nice with an Asrock H61MV-ITX but it's got a boot loop going on in the NZXT Manta case i've tried to make it work with. i dunno it could be a few things i didn't bother trying to sort out before it became too technically annoying and it's just been sitting under the desk in pieces since
Posts: 41201
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
ok, got any 1155 boards sitting around you want to get rid of?
Posts: 4311
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
ewasted a whole system three weeks ago that would of fit the bill
would of given it to ya
spewin bro :x
Posts: 41202
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

got a new mobo today, its up and running, cept i busted the stock intel cooler and it doesnt sit flush on the cpu, so its burning up.

new cooler tomorrow and that should be the end of it.
Posts: 16869
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Have some old 1155 s*** lying around somewhere ... but Cairns :(
Posts: 4419
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
yeah do you wanty or it's like meh now?
Posts: 41203
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
meh now.

fortnite is away!

little person is happy and off my computer.
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