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Topic: Great Mobile Game-Age of Fantasy-
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Hi, I'm Jbail02 and I will be reviewing the mobile game 'Age of Fantasy'.

First of I would like to define what type of game it is... Age of Fantasy is a game play orientated, fantasy and turn based strategy game which is a retro 8-bit game that has you doing assorted campaigns each with a separate and unique story. The campaigns are also joined along by skirmish maps, which can incorporate elements from the stories in the campaign and build on them, like aftermaths, History, the present, past and future.

The game elements I think are wonderfully developed for an 8-bit retro game, like the music which I think hives you a sense of achievement and seriousness at the same time. The graphics may be basic, but they have a lot of character and significance in them. The fighting styles and attacks I think are cute, as a goblin has a small, pointy arrow come out of his body and hits the enemy or even when it goes the completed opposite direction and hits something else. The game is really deep in its game play and really gets you thinking about what to do and train, where to go, who to attack. The developers have really implemented a lot of strategic possibilities and the custom maps are created with beauty and passion for the map.

The game really had me on the edge of my seat while playing the game, trying to hold my human fortress from being overwhelmed by the legion of dead and hordes of orcs coming to take my fortress, also trying to help my Elvish allies survive while they help me break the siege at my castle and attack the orcs and undead bases.

FEATURES- The game includes a online and hot-seat multiplayer or you can play against AI bots with two difficulties. The game features a large, and i mean really large upgrade/tech tree to purchase technologies, units and buildings to better your game play while in the campaigns or custom games. The game uses Gems as a currency which you use to purchase the upgrades. The best thing is that you don't need money to purchase gems as it is really easy to receive them, you can get up to 4 per mission you complete, and you can get them other ways like supporting the game and community by creating maps and sending them to the devs to put into the game and donating. The developers are really active and are always contributing to the forum and answering the public who are immersed and constantly contributing lively and great ideas to make the game better and produce more features for it.

Races- up to 4 races each with their own unique, and varied units with different skills and racial abilities like the humans can cast bolstering spells and destructive forces like fire balls and the undead can summon many different units like dragons and raise the fallen from the battle field and turn them into destructive monsters to help with their growing legion. The races are Humans/Knights, Undead/monsters, Elves/Nature and Orcs/Goblins. The races also have units that are in LOTR like the Uruk Hai, Ents and Liches along with units from Blizzards insanely popular Warcraft like the Orc's Wolf Riders. Each race has a big and special building which is a massive game changer for your team -providing powerful defenses and extra unit training along with garrisoning capacity to shield your powerful units from the enemy fire.

My favorite thing by far in this game is its AMAZING!!! Map/Campaign creator. It is extremely easy use and in about half an hour I was very familiar with it, EVEN THE TRIGGERS which help bind the game together allowing you to create objectives, missions, defeat and win conditions along with much, much more. I just love creating my own lore and using it to create stunning maps and creating my own fantasy world which all the missions play a part to create a beautiful world to enjoy.

I personally would recommend this game to anyone who likes Age of Empires, Sid Meier's Civilization and Nintendo's Fire Emblem. I would rate this game 10/10 but you should play this game and see what you think of it. Please share this game with everyone you know and contribute to the community forum and support the game.

Posts: 1
Location: Geelong, Victoria

I really like strategy games, I will try to give it a try, Thanks for sharing
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