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Topic: My VR Game Launches in a month, can you help?
Posts: 16856
Location: Cairns, Queensland

So I've set up a shop and started taking pre-orders of a sort for my game.

All the details are on my reddit post here: If you could have a quick look and gimme an upvote I would be super happy and appreciative.

Umm torgles and gang, any chance I could get the project mentioned somewhere official at all? :D plzzzzzz

Pushing the friendship I know, any chance AGN could maybe help host the patch server - would just need an ftp repo for a couple gig + some data xfer costs? Happy to mention sponsor love on my shopify checkout! :)
Posts: 16857
Location: Cairns, Queensland


Necessary changes made mean that flatscreen and VR will be supported at launch. Videos to come.

Some people have paid me. I guess that means I am nowe a PROFESSIONAL GAME DEVELOPER

Posts: 24094
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

i find vr creepy but good luck
Posts: 12342
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I didn't know anyone actually played VR and the whole industry was just a series of tech demos that pretended to sell games.
Posts: 4407
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
Twisted have you ever actually tried a VR HMD in the comfort of your own home though or just at a tech demo place where it's a bit creepy with other people around?

A lot of the negative sentiment i've read has been because the PC HMD's require quite a steep investment compated to the mobile HMD's in the hardware to get decent performance

You could say the same for any new tech device, VR is still very niche but the cross applications and games are a really cool adventure, especially when one can relax and explore it in the comfort of your own home
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