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Topic: Noclip Doco about Warframe and the co-producers of Unreal DE
Posts: 2693
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
10/10 watch about some cool gaming history and one of my favorite games of all time.

Posts: 41055
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

omg, i loved those epic pinball games back in the day!!!!
Posts: 41057
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
ive never heard of warframe, but found those videos extremely interesting. good poast bro.
Posts: 19171
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i also recommend noclips 3 part doom doco and 6 part cdprojekt/witcher 3 doco.

Posts: 2694
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
ive never heard of warframe,

I knew about it from when it first came to steam and I just couldn't get into it, the art style back then and the weird 3rd person view. I am a FPS player through and through and third person shooters never did it for me, until I played this.

It really feels like a fast first person shooter that just goes so much deeper with all the modding and weapons and makes you think. Oh an it blows my mind how amazingly smooth it runs on my R9 390x in 4096x2160. I play on a 65" samsung TV and almost never get below 60fps with the game maxed and it looks amazing.

The community is awesome and mostly made of older players as it is quite a complicated game so kids just don't get into it.

There is really no other game I have ever played that's like it but it is one of those games you can play for 15-20 mins at a time or sit there and have a 10h gaming session of it. New players that are joining now will at least have 6 solid months of gameplay to get through before you have finished the main part of the game.

It can be a bit grindy but not really if you know what you are doing.
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