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Topic: Fortnite - cross platform and free
Posts: 41053
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

So ive been playing a lot of fortnite with my kids on both ps4 and pc. We've had our account shared between the two platforms.

Not only can u do that, now you can play squads cross platform and it works seamlessly (been able to do this for a while, but had to jump through a few hoops, its now easy as). Im not aware of any other popular shooters that u can compete against/with conslols from the superior comfort of your pc!

Fortnite battle royale is free for consol and pc, micro transactions are only for cosmetic gear (outfits and dance moves) so they got that right too.

Its getting insanely popular now too.

Well worth a look.

Feel free to adding me, just hope u get spook jnr playing, coz i suck at it.

Also its coming to android/ios which is also cross platform i believe.
AGN Admin
Posts: 39539
Location: Other International

Will check it out, once I get Internet at my new place!@# My crew have been looking for a change from Dota.
Posts: 12334
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Seems to be very popular with the 8-15 age group. Its all the rage with the boys at my daughters primary school and my nephews are heavy into it. I tried...I'm not a fan. Its free, but I can't get past how gimmicky it is.
Posts: 41054
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
huge depth beneath the gimicks. it is extremely popular with the younger kids, maybe due to cartoon appearance?

huge variety in weapons, and the building adds depth to game play.

great map too.
Posts: 12335
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I think the building mechanics add an element the young kids enjoy, cartoon appearance too yeah.
Posts: 10650
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Sub-15 year olds love it.
Posts: 1691
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

My 11yr old daughter has just started playing it on xbox.....seems a very console orientated game (even on PC).
Posts: 41056
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
runs great on PC and plays even better with a mouse.
Posts: 915
Location: Other International

It's crazy its taken the gaming world this long to get cross platform play going. It's still a fairly unique feature.
Posts: 975
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

- Rated 12+
- 3rd person perspective
Posts: 12337
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

It's crazy its taken the gaming world this long to get cross platform play going. It's still a fairly unique feature.
There quite a few games which have cross platform play. But generally anything FPS it doesn't happen. That's because you will always win with a mouse vs. a keypad. Its just fact. I prefer to play with PC only players because I feel like playing a console gamer is a bit like kicking the s*** out of a quadriplegic... which as much as I've tried to enjoy I've never quite gotten much out of it. Beating console gamers that is.
Posts: 41060
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
sigh, my kids us the ps controller when they play fortnite on pc :(
Posts: 24043
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

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