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Topic: Ashes of Creation [Upcoming MMORPG]
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Ashes of Creation by Intrepid Studios is an upcoming MMORPG that is working to create an ever-changing world for players. Players will be responsible for making choices that will positively or negatively affect the world around them. With a no Pay-to-Win philosophy, Ashes of Creation has sparked major interest within the MMORPG community.

Dynamic events will be implemented as the world grows. To do this, Ashes of Creation will implement their own ‘node’ system. Multiple nodes will make up every zone of influence. These node areas will be spread across the whole world map. As players level up and explore what the world has to offer, they will be adding experience points to the node system that they are currently in. Anything the player does in that node will accumulate the experience to assist that node to level up, eventually creating towns, cities and metropolises. Each advancement to the node’s level will bring forth new dynamic events, questlines, monsters and dungeons. As there is a limit to how many of these nodes can reach the highest level on the server, conflict between players of neighbouring nodes will arise which may cause war to break out. Ashes of Creation will be a world constantly changing through the choices that each player makes.

Ashes of Creation will bring forward an open world PVP map, providing only limited safe zones for players. Those players who wish to participate in PVP will have to decide whether the reward is greater than the risk, as Ashes of Creation is set to include a ‘corruption’ system. The more a player continues to kill other players, the more their corruption increases. Players with a high corruption level will have more severe death penalties than those with no corruption. Non-corrupt players will also be able to kill corrupted players with no negative implications, meaning players will need to question the importance or necessity of killing other players.

Ashes of Creation will have an extensive character creator, allowing players to personalise each character to the smallest of details. With 8 races and 8 different classes, players will also have a large variety of choice in regard to their character’s backstory and combat gameplay. As your character levels up, you will be able to unlock a secondary class which will augment your primary class. This allows a total of 64 classes you can choose from for your character in game.

Players will also have a selection of PVE activities including extensive crafting systems. Players who have spent enough time mastering their craft will be able to create legendary items throughout the world. Materials to craft these legendary weapons will not be easy to come by. Players will have to negotiate with neighbouring nodes and work together to collect all the required materials to create such masterpieces. Ashes of Creation will be implementing a ‘Caravan’ system, where nodes will be able to create trade routes between nodes. Players will then be rewarded for successfully defending or destroying the caravans with no corruption penalties. It is the players’ choice to determine which side they will fight for.

The first Alpha testing phase is scheduled to be in Q4 of 2018.

Order From Chaos [OFC] is one of the oceanic/sea’s guilds that has already been formed in anticipation for Ashes of Creation release date, where some members will be participating in the Alpha and Beta phases of the game. Order From Chaos Guild is inviting members to join their Discord server for those that want to be part of a friendly and competitive gaming community. With new members joining up at a rapid rate, Order From Chaos is shaping up to be a powerful guild.
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I wonder if there is a titty slider in character creation. I'm sure we could all agree that is something very important to have these days.
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Location: South Australia

I wonder if there is a titty slider in character creation. I'm sure we could all agree that is something very important to have these days.

there is a package slider but you will not bother the slider much.
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Sounds a little bit like Eve Online with sticks.
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I'm suprised people are still launching new MMOs tbh, I figured the glory days of the MMO had passed. Well not so much that they're dead, more that they've evolved into something else, things like Destiny, The Division, etc
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

they've evolved into something else, things like Destiny, The Division, etc
Destiny as an evolution of MMO's... its a polished turd at best.
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