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Topic: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Review - Clubbin' 1998 St...
Posts: 3394
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Cast your mind back to 1998. A time when we were all groovin' to the sweet sounds of Savage Garden, got jiggy with it without ever finding out what 'it' was, and marveled at the ways in which a giant monster called Godzilla terrorised a city. A city where an old Ferris Bueller changed his name to Dr. Niko "Nick" Tatopoulos. Anyway, around this time a new style of RTS broke out onto the scene. One that would capture the feel of both Civilization and Warcraft.

Age of Empires baby! And here were are twenty years later with a new remastered Definitive Edition. One that redoes all the sprites and music, and presents the classic RTS just as we remember it.

Back in 1998 though, visually speaking, Age of Empires was a non-widescreen (let alone ultrawide) low-res collection of pixelated barbarians and axe-men crudely walking through lush green locales in search of unfriendly villages to destroy. Fine for the time, cutting edge even. In 2018 a release like Age of Empires: Definitive Edition makes perfect sense. Not only does it bring the game into the modern era with new visuals and presentation, but it does so without messing with the original game and retaining the same overall look and feel.

Like a fond memory come to life.

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Posts: 2835
Location: Queensland

I remember playing the original back on my brothers PC back in the day. Was great fun but I could not type for s*** so it took me ages to type in the cheats. All the old cheats work except for 2-3 I think. I will probably pick this up when it's in a steam sale or something.
Posts: 1
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I just re-installed age of empires 2 and got the conquerors expansion - going through the Conquerors missions now ... boy there is a lot of them (playing on medium difficulty) ... very enjoyable though.
Posts: 930
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

With AOE2, we found GameRanger good for getting multiplayer games started, particularly across multi os platform. The kids and I play off a single DVD install.

They like to build walls and fight the AI, and play with the editor etc, but sometimes we all jump in a game. It's good fun. The kids and I against a couple of AI players.
Posts: 3
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Might give that a look ... my kids are a bit young yet ... but getting there :-)
Posts: 932
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

The only concept my kids needed to get address was that after a battle there are little dead bodies there till they fade.

They like Mincecraft a fair bit. Creative mode. They play both that one a single account too. From

Also, Midtown Madness 2

Flash version of Plants vs Zombies was popular for a bit. was popular for a while... I didn't like them playing it as you can see the "Top 10 players" in the top right corner with some pretty messed up names, but they didn't seem to notice.

now they playing Pokemon Trading game.

When they were really young they played a bit of
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