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Topic: SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

This has been all over the news today, and many years in the making. Ol' Musky's private rocket company SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center, Florida on Tuesday 6 February 2018. Elon's Tesla Roadster was the payload, with a dummy in a SpaceX Space Suit in the driver's seat, cruising on its way to Mars and the asteroid belt with David Bowie's "Starman" playing in the background.

The Falcon Heavy is the world's most powerful rocket, by a factor of two. Watch the video to see the two side boosters safely make it back to land at Landing Complex 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The center core was set to land on a drone ship at sea, but came down too hard.

Read more about the SpaceX Falcon Heavy on the SpaceX website:
AGN Admin
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I got up a bit late so missed the initial launch but managed to catch the two boosters landing side-by-side at the same time. Incredible. Would have been great if the main booster made it too but what an achievement.

Man they'll be using the photos from this launch for their PR for decades to come. Stunning!@#

(I love the Culture-inspired names of the drone ships)
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Not gonna lie, I expected a crater.

That was so awesome. A million years from now when we're all dead and gone, some alien is going to rock up to Mars and go "WTF is this weird rectangular red thing orbiting our new home?"
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
what time do you get out of bed if you missed the launch!??!?!?!?

watched it before i headed off to work. FLIPPING AWESOME.
Posts: 2830
Location: Queensland

I watched the take off on the news. Yay for space stuff.
Posts: 5152
Location: Queensland

These guys amaze me. Just frigging awesome and cool. I mean, they launched a frigging Tesla Roadster into deep space pretty much because they could!. Love it :)
Posts: 12261
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Posts: 12262
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Posts: 26230
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

That live view from space is so damn cool.
Posts: 4358
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
that's incredible

have to wonder if the Roadster/Starman video stream will continue into the outer ellipse orbits
AGN Admin
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Location: Other International

photos from their flickr
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I've been a huge fan(obsessed) of Elon and SpaceX for a few years now, has been super nerd tough waiting for Falcon Heavy to finally launch but it was well worth it.

Love how he is showing up the mega government rocket organisations on a comparatively small budget, especially when you consider his amazing achievements are not from silver bullets but by maximising technology, bloody hard work and huge motivation.

Simply does not take no for answer because every guru in the world says so, breaks problems down to the absolutes and works back up from there.(First principles)

Shame about the centre core but they weren't planning to reuse that particular stage anyway as it is a hybrid block 3/4 core, would have been nice to display the heavy like they did their first Falcon9 they landed.
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Location: Ballarat, Victoria
there's probably only so many trophies they'd want to haul back and store in the foyer before the vibe was less forward thinking and more of a museum
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
In the distant future I do hope that when humankind does step out into the Cosmos that the first viable planet we effectively colonise will be called 'Elon'. In honour of visionaries like this guy, plus it's such a f***ing cool name for a planet!

"Where are you from?" "Me?, I'm from Elon and where are you from my three eyed friend?"

Also David and Douglas would have been so chuffed to have been a small part of this.
Posts: 168
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
watch this with headphones!!

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