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Topic: New Gaming Rig: X299 Motherboard Recommendations?
The GuVna
Posts: 2066
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Been a rather a long while since I've posted here, but the forums helped me out getting a new PC many years ago so I thought I might ask here.

Looking to build a pretty decent predominately gaming rig with some money I've saved up, I'm looking at probably getting an Intel i7 onwards CPU & and a GTX 1080 onwards Graphics card.

So I believe I need an X299 motherboard. Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty clueless when it comes to PC upgrading. I've tried watching some YouTube reviews on X299 motherboards but they cater towards the hardcore "in-the-know" audience. So I was just wondering if I'm looking to spend a decent amount of money on a hi end CPU & Graphics card, should I also look to spend on a good motherboard aswell??

For instance what exactly are you getting for $700 for thisAsus Prime X299 Deluxe Motherboard, compared to the ASRock Fatal1ty motherboard which is $265

Any recommendations welcome. & Hello to any old school AusGamers/QGL'ers that remember me :)
Posts: 21483
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

they all come running back when they need something
Posts: 2143
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
This is what i just sorted for my brother Guv if your not doing heavy cpu loads stuff ( cad video editing ) you don't need a X299 board z 370 is perfect for gaming on.

What I would use if I had the $$$

Motherboard Currently sold out I wonder why ??? AWESOME
Graphics Card Water cooled and also currently sold out Amazing card
M.2 for C
SSD for games
Power Supply
Sound Card

Sound card is optional and the monitors are over kill but run awesome at 144 hz

last edited by Reverend at 21:25:24 31/Jan/18
The GuVna
Posts: 2067
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Hey Rev, sorry didn't get a chance to say thanks for the detailed response!

Been looking into all this & yea I think your on the money with alot of it. :)
Posts: 26203
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

I'd go 16GB of RAM. I bought 32GB and definitely got a bit excited with that purchase. One day 32GB will be required but by then a new standard will probably be out. A 1000W PSU is also overkill I think. Some quick calculations on Cooler Master's PSU calculator recommends a 500W PSU for that system. I'd go 600W or 800W because overhead is always good.

I'd also recommend against the dedicated sound card. This is based purely on personal experience but they've never given me anything but trouble. The onboard sound is perfectly adequate.
Posts: 2144
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

All good Guv Though I'm still traumatized by you chasing me with a rail gun in RA3 ( hehehe )
Posts: 11756
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
1000w PSU is way overkill
Anything more than 550 or 600 is just wasting money
AGN Admin
Posts: 39453
Location: Other International

16GB seems to be a nice sweet spot. I have that and often have Dota 2 running with Lightroom and a bunch of other s*** in the background and I don't get close to full utilisation. You'd have to be working pretty hard to use the full 16GB; maybe if you're doing a lot of huge photo editing or video stuff, but the vast majority of things I don't think it'd be that useful
Posts: 24008
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Well, generally the reason to get a bigger power supply is for the sake of efficiency. Most power supplies will be at peak efficiency around 50% load and then will get less efficient as they approach 100%. If your system needs 500 watts under load and you only give it a 500 or 600 watt power supply, it's going to be pulling more power from the wall than a 1000 watt power supply would, because it will be close to maxing out while the 1000 watt power supply will be sitting at 50% right in that sweet zone for peak efficiency.

Whether the amount you'll save long term balances out the extra up front cost really depends on how much you're gonna be using the PC. For heavy use I'd say it's worth it, for a more casual user, probably not.
AGN Admin
Posts: 39454
Location: Other International

Really ! That's super interesting. Electricity is weird. I've lost my power meter and have been wanting to get a new one to measure power draw on my various PCs under different workloads; I never would have considered the above as a factor.
Posts: 24009
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Yeah, was an interesting article on I think Toms Hardware that I read a year or so ago, might be a little out of date now but it was really interesting stuff I'd never considered before

Edit: Here we go,2916-3.html

Posts: 2145
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Khel is dead right and the only reason a 1000 watt supply was suggested in the first place was i don't know if Guv is even going to use 2 cards SLI
Posts: 4642
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

yeah I just bought the mobo, cpu, and ram mentioned above

I figured 32Gb will handle any software dev workload I throw at it and just generally be ready for the next big thing
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