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Topic: Subnautica Leaves Early Access on Steam for Full Release Tod...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

A day I've specifically been waiting a while for has finally arrived -- Unknown Worlds' Subnautica has finally launched proper. And to celebrate this event, the developer held a release dealie at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, where they debuted a new cinematic launch trailer and 10 minutes of brand new, final release gameplay footage.

You can check out those videos below, but for the Xbox players out there, the studio has offered an update on how that release is shaping up:
At about 6.30pm PST today (around midnight across Europe), we are releasing an update on Xbox One that brings the Xbox version of Subnautica very, very close to the launch version on Steam. Even though Subnautica has not technically ‘launched’ on Xbox One, Xbox players still have all the latest goodies that Steam players do.

We want to take more time with the Xbox One version of Subnautica, because we don’t think performance and stability on Xbox One are up to the standards of a released title. We also want to take the time to add more Xbox-specific features.

We aren’t sure when we will ‘launch’ on Xbox One, but we will be working hard on doing so as quickly as possible. In the mean time, please enjoy all the features, bug-fixes, and performance enhancements in today’s update.
Watch the new videos below, and if you haven't jumped into Subnautica yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Posts: 24001
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I hope they're planning on improving the VR aspect of it, sounds like it'd be great in VR but from what I was reading its not quite there yet, like bits of the HUD are positioned weirdly or get chopped off entirely and still no support for stuff like Oculus Touch controllers
Posts: 2529
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
This game is super fun. Have done a couple of full play throughs already. Also if anybody's just starting out and stuck, here's a shameless self plug of a beginner guide I made haha

Posts: 18515
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
This game is seriously a work of art.

It's a survival game that has achievable goals in a reasonable time, it isn't grindy either.

This game has legit scared the s*** out of me on several occasions, I play in hardcore mode for this reason.

I could only imagine that emotional hook would be stronger again with VR, even the crappy/average VR it supposedly has.

It was never built for VR, it's apparently sort of just 'taked' on, however the devs concentrated primarily on developing the game, killing bugs and making it an overall very solid game. I read that the devs are intending to work on improving the VR experience now that it has reached a release status.

It's also not one of those games that wasn't fully baked when they hit release.

Bravo to the developers who did an exceptional job with engaging the community and having an open display of their development progress from very early on, they listened to the community, incorporated good ideas and managed to avoid the dreaded feature creep.

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Location: Queensland

I played it about 5 months ago, It was alright. What has actually changed from then, til now?
Posts: 26191
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Bought based on Toll's recommendation!
Posts: 26194
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Game seems really cool (No Man's Sky done right but in water) but I get some pretty bad frame rate dips at times. Have transferred it over to my SSD and will test it again after work. Apparently it is pretty heavy on the loading during gameplay and that is meant to help.
Posts: 5691

Im enjoying it. Im also getting random freezes, mostly when i hit the surface. if you guys havent checked out Natural Selection 2, i recommend that. Its the game they made before Subnautica.
AGN Admin
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I didn't realise it was UnknownWorlds. Interesting - any MP?
Posts: 5695

Unfortunately not. It would be awesome coop though i reckon
Posts: 26197
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Literally every game should have co-op.
Posts: 18521
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I very occasionally get a stutter. I've got it installed on my older standard hard drive. For the most part it runs just fine.
Using Nvidia and Intel CPU if that matters, windows is on SSD though and using 12 gigs of ram (yeah wtf, not 16 .. had a 4gig stick of RAM hanging around..)

AGN Admin
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Location: Other International

It still sounds kind of cool. I've been getting slowly back into single player games in the last couple of months after a short break from them since Doom was released; as I have been doing a lot of travel (mostly 2-3 hour train trips) and it's a great way to kill time - though I've mostly been playing older games from GoG that work on my laptop.

Now I'm back in Aus I won't be doing that much travel as often but I'd still like to get back into gaming for general purpose fun.
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