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Topic: Slaughterbots
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Pretty for something that's not a Black Mirror episode. Time to start buying big fans to blow those pesky murderdrones away!
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Banning AI in weapons is rather stupid - especially when you realise how far along we are with AI dev. Right now we're a little shy of being able to process video on-the-fly (just to clarify - we can do it, but it's not entirely optimal yet. We're not quite there with multiple object recognition in high-resolution and high-framerate video in realtime); and give it another five to ten years and we'll easily be able to do that with the processing power available to us in small mobile devices - such as drones which require a tiny payload weight. Software isn't something you can legislate - and when frameworks like this are available do provide the tools like this, as more and more libraries come available it'll be like telling someone they can't build a Trebuchet out of materials they can buy from Bunnings.

All we achieve here is telling the good guys they can't build weapons that will compete with the people who don't follow the rules.

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Furthermore, look at the list of countries that called for the ban of autonomous weapons:
Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt,
Ghana, Guatemala, Holy See, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, State of Palestine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Notice a pattern?

It's mostly countries that have questionable government leadership, potential targets, or a lack of ability to develop or defend themselves from attack. It's the countries with the most to lose.
AGN Admin
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As usual the logical extrapolation of all these events is described perfectly in Iain M. Banks Culture series. Bring on the Minds.
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I'm ok with murderbots that go and kill people that post stupid s*** on social media tbh
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Keep in mind that chemical weapons can be made by people from off the shelf components right now that could have a moderately devastating effect.

They do get misused from time to time by people and governments, many people have died due to this.

Slaugherbots would suck, much like chemical weapons. They could be totally indiscriminate, pretty much anonymous, the killer doesn't have to see anybody die. I think a similar situation to what chemical weapons and other methods of destruction such as using a common car would develop. Some people will use them to kill others, assassination style and also indiscriminate style. Just another tool for people to hurt other people with.
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