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Topic: Building Our New PC Gaming Rig - The AusGamers 3000 (Part On...
Posts: 3152
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

There comes a point in any PC’s life when you know that upgrades just won’t cut it anymore, and a complete overhaul is required. Whether it be from an aging motherboard that is no longer on the bleeding edge of CPU socket sizes, or a case that was released years before the concept of see-through side panels were a thing. And USB 3.0. Join us as we begin our journey to put together a kick-ass PC gaming rig in 2017.

It was only by chance that when we started looking at building the AusGamers 3000 that AMD once again became a force to be reckoned with in the CPU market. Thanks to its new multi-core line of Ryzen CPUs. Make no mistake about it, for the past few years when building a gaming PC most people would quickly end the CPU debate by choosing from either i5 or i7 from Intel’s line of CPUs. The clear market leader until a few months ago.

In the lead-up to its release there was a lot of hype surrounding AMD’s new Ryzen line of CPUs, with pricing, performance, overclocking capabilities, and the future-proof multi-core design at the forefront.

We’re happy to report that the legends are true, the Ryzen CPU is quite something to behold. When it comes down to it, high-performance multi-core CPUs aren’t exactly necessary to run the latest games, and the price-point has for the most part been the barrier for the point of entry. The Ryzen effectively changes all that, offering outstanding performance for a relatively low price.

Click Here to Read Building Our New PC Gaming Rig - The AusGamers 3000 (Part One)

Special thanks to hardware suppliers and partners AMD, Nvidia, Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Crucial, Seagate, G.Skill, Logitech, and Razer
Posts: 6177
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Interesting read thanks guys, keen for part 2 and performance of the AMD.
Posts: 122
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Great stuff. Yous nailed the tone of this feature. Interesting but also with a light comedic edge to it. Not too much talk of specs which usually make these type of build articles piss boring but just enough to keep it credible. Keen to see more of these.
Posts: 26133
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Great stuff! Seeing the picture of the old PC made me think it would be cool to grab an old skool case like that and jam it full of the latest s***. Looking forward to part two.
Posts: 6178
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

that is a cool idea fpot, imagine rocking up to the next lan with it lol, look like one from the last lan :D
Posts: 40917
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
rgb is out of control :(

i like the idea of the old style case, purely so it doesnt have lights in/on it.
Posts: 3161
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

haha well you can disable rgb lighting... and it's not as bright as the images make it out to be... I keep the brightness on the lower end nad with the cases subtle red lighting everything has a purple glow...
Posts: 11739
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I stuffed a full to the gills Core2Quad build into my old beige PentiumII desktop case back in 2009. I thought it was cool.
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