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Topic: Battlefield 1
Posts: 878
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

I'm thinking of getting it.

Do you like it?

Many local servers?

I read the server browser is crap but game is good?

Mac from WAB says spawns are in the middle of the action like in SWBF?

Where's the local AU/NZ BF community now? Wasn't it this: anzacgamers? The link won't open for me. OR maybe it was here on Ausgamers? Ausbattlefield or something?


PS: I played 1942, BF2, and BF3 in team ladders etc.. don't think I played BF4.
Posts: 23858
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

its f***ing awesome. graphics are breathtaking.
Posts: 11733
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Pigeons is the best
Posts: 5610

The graphics are good but the gameplay is abit whatever. You kind of just zerg to cap points and try to do it faster than the other team. No real strategy involved.
DICE Games have fallen a long way since BF1942 where there used to be a decent competitive scene, if you're into organised team gameplay that is.
Posts: 879
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Yah I like organised ladder matches, but I can't see much evidence of it, and can't find my old BF 1942, 2 and 3 team.

Due for a new FPS, so I'm going to get it. Then if I like it, I'll get the gaming rig a new graphics card, and a reformat for xmas.
Posts: 2808
Location: Queensland

I started playing it again the other night. It's good to see the new maps. I play conquest and there were about 2-3 full servers last night. There used to be more but I guess people have gone on to play other newer games.
Posts: 880
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Been playing. Level 8.

My first online match I rode up on a horse and picked up a flame thrower and toasted some guy who wanted to report me for hacking.

Also, I'm getting my arse handed to me in K:D ratio but seem to be getting 1/2 way up scoreboard from just doing stuff.

And, how to screenshot? I have to study up on this game, looks worth it.

Cheers for the recommendation to get game. I like it. It's hard.
Posts: 2813
Location: Queensland

I am not sure if Bf1 has the ability to take screenshots natively. You could use FRAPS or some other screenshot program to take screenshots and/or video.

MSI Afterburner is used for overlocking but has screenshot and video capture features too. is something I never heard of but you could try it.
Posts: 881
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

I'm going to read up console commands and see if key binds can be done in cfg files etc. I got something like Fraps. I'll need the console commands for show_fps etc. Got some research to do. Also, going to hook up joystick for the planes, they are fun. Was bailing from passenger seat, and chuting in to capture flags last night. Vehicles are fun too, but external view on them would help me go more radical. The horses are good. Level 16 now.

I'll be reading this:

Using this thread as my little resource for BF1.

There is some talk about.. if you alter a cfg, when joining multiplayer server it wipes changes. More at 11.

Posts: 9533
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Can we just agree that 'Battlefield 1' is a dumb as hell name for this game? When someone says 'Battlefield 1', I think Battlefield 1942. Because that's what "Battlefield 1" is to me.
Posts: 2815
Location: Queensland

Yeah, DICE need to get their s*** sorted out. Should have been called Battlefield 1917 or Battlefield The Great War.

I have been playing BF1 a lot the past week. It's good but I don't like relying on the loot boxes just to get a nice skin for my weapons. The new DLC is out tomorrow I think too.
Posts: 11735
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
still less dumb than the xbox one (xbone)
Posts: 882
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

It's BF 5 eh? We don't really include that futuristic one between 2 and 3?
Posts: 899
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Great game. Looking at a new card... this guy has convinced me to do it:

"Teste Battlefield 1 Multiplayer - GTX 1070 Ti Founders 8 GB / Full HD e 2.5K / Ultra 60 - PT-BR"
Posts: 7810
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Its rubbish

Too many OP sub machine guns i.e Automatico and Hellregal ruin it
Posts: 919
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Got GTX 1070, but not Ti, goes good. Game looks great. Still a hard game. It's very busy, and it looks like they release map packs and things occasionally. Servers are busy. Some of those guns do seem OP. What else to play? I do feel that after BF2 the pace has jumped to try entertain the CoD'ers.

I looked into PUGB a little, looks like it's not released yet. I don't do early access BS. Looks a bit too slow.

Maybe looking for something else in a few months.
Posts: 6616
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

pretty sure PUBG has released? i have been playing for over 6months now. its one of the most popular games in steam. i normally hate these types of games, but i do love playing PUBG
Posts: 934
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

hmm ""Initial release date: 2017"

Will try it out once BF1 wears. For some reason I thought it was still early access. I heard PUGB is better if you like being in a small squad, rather than large squads. Sounds ideal for when a gaming buddy brings his PC around and we get online. BF1 is so hectic. It's good, but it's a bit over the top. And the snipers.. sheesh. I expect some sniping in PUGB but I've watch some gameplay and it looks more suspenseful, with pickups and things off fragged players.

These days I prefer waiting till games are proven before buying into them and BF1 is popular, and I expect PUGB has full local servers etc, but I'll look into it first.
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