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Topic: Indies@PAX - Hand of Fate 2
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Where we bring you the cream of crop, our picks of the great indie titles from this year's PAX showcase. First up, the locally developed sequel to the awesome action-RPG meets card-game and board-game thing - Hand of Fate. Launching next week, we got to go hands on whilst chatting to the developers about what's in store.

First off, as huge fans of the original we did feel that ultimately it didn't quite live up to the promise of the, err, premise. A sentiment that the team also felt was true. Which is why they've spent the better part of two plus years working on improving just about every aspect of the game. And even though the vastly improved combat, both visually and mechanically, is probably the main thing that stands out with Hand of Fate 2 it was the little things that made us smile.

Take for example the improved inventory and shopfront mechanics, which are now entirely text-based and in-line with the card and encounter descriptions. Even though this might sound like a step back from the fully rendered campsite and shopkeepers found in the original, text makes more sense tonally. Plus, it does away with needless multiple load screens and makes everything feel more coherent as a complete RPG experience.

Speaking of RPG stuff, with several new cards, items, weapons, and other abilities Hand of Fate 2 completely rewrites the combat system for a fast, fluid, and strategic approach that is, well, a revelation. In the original the idea of action-RPG combat in a card-based adventure ended up being more impressive than the execution. This time around though, just wow. The animations are fluid, parries and dodge manoeuvres telegraphed and easy to come to grips with. And boss battles are both intense and reliant on how well you prepare and what items you bring to the table-top.

Hand of Fate 2 launches November 7 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Developed by Aussie studio Defiant Development it's also one of the only (or only) homegrown release to take full advantage of the Xbox One X from day one. We got to experience quite a lengthy session with the game at PAX and walked away not only impressed, but fairly certain this is going to become one of the sleeper hits of the year.
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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The first Hand of Fate is probably my favourite original Aussie-developed game
AGN Admin
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Go Defiant!
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