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Topic: How well do you all know your neighbours?
Posts: 6606
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Growing up I knew heaps of kids in the street. Mum/dad still live on the same street and mum constantly talks about bumping into people from the street, whom she remembers by name, and has conversations. Their street also has at least 2 yearly 'get togethers'. A Progressive dinner, Entree at one house, walk down street to another house for main and repeat for desert and a Christmas Eve thing, 90% of the street gets involved, over 100 houses.

I've been at a new place almost 5 months now and I know the name of the neighbours to my right, met old (past retirement age) mate, but not his wife, across the road... but cant remember his name, and have barely even seen, let alone acknowledged, the people on my left. Going to have a house warming/BBQ and definitely inviting neighbours on the right I chat to (they're always in the garden and we say hello fairly often) and old mate+wife across the road as we always wave when we see each other and we've had a few chats... but if you were the people on the left would you find it weird? It's not weird to want to get to know your neighbours right?
Posts: 40820
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
extremely close to all of our neighbours.

i walk their dog, mow their grass (shared median strip).

we regularly talk to everyone in our street.

I love our community. (salisbury)
Posts: 23791
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

We all give each other a knowing nod, put each other's bins in, call each off other if the home alarm goes off, participate in animal sacrifice and masked orgies together.
Posts: 21376
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

We get on well with my neighbours to the right, we are both into cars and american style bbqing.

The woman on the left side is a bit odd, but we know her and my mrs talks to her sometimes

Don't know anyone across the road, except i use to enjoy laughing at the lazy old guy across the road that wouldn't mow his lawn for like 3 months and roll out there with his ryobi 36volt mower and get through 2/3 of it and just quit.

He has a petrol mower now, killed my fun.
Posts: 2814
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

He has a petrol mower now, killed my fun.

That's disappointing.
Posts: 7735
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
All my neighbours are browns
Posts: 11684
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I grew up in the one house, middle ring northside, everyone knew everyone in the street. We'd do anything from NYE street parties to LANs to burnouts together. Was great.

Moved to the outer suburbs, pine rivers. Got on with neighbours on one side, and said hello occasionally to neighbours across the road. No-one else. No one talked to anyone, no-one waved, no one would think about anyone else's bins or grass or anything. Was there for seven years, never changed. Found it weird the whole time.

Now back in a different middle ring northside suburb. Awesome again. Had chats with at least 7 or 8 families in the street, old mate two doors up always puts me bins out if i forget, lend the guy next door me diff jacks, lady on the other side brought over leftovers when i had a newborn, went to a hāngi and had kava. Beers with the boys, help me out on me commodore, it's great. Other lady next door remembers my son's birthday and buys him a killer python.

To me, this is normal. This is only my 3rd house i've live in in my life, but this is number 11 for Mrs hardware. She said she's never experienced this before anywhere, at least not to this degree.

My house is from the 60s. The tallest fence around here is about 1m high and just metal mesh. No-one has six foot high block out fences. No-one has front fences. We all have big enough yards (blocks here range from 600sqm to over 1000sqm) so we don't need a six foot fence to divide a yard, that's what trees and gardens are for.

Another example of things that have gone backwards since the 60s. Many things have gotten better, but neighbourhoods have not.
Sir Redhat
Posts: 2151
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We chat to our neighbours when we see them. Usually people will say gday or nod when you're walking down the street.

The neighbourhood is really big into Halloween and there's large groups of children that go around trick or treating.

They don't pester you if you don't have spooky bunting up though outside your house, but there's heaps of houses that get into the fake spiderwebs and pumpkin carving.
Posts: 11686
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Oh that's the other thing, back when i was in pine rivers halloween was everywhere. I hated every second of it. Get out of here with your seppo bulls***.

Now i'm back in not-poor-bogan-houso-land, i've not had a single person come around, nor seen a single house with this consumerism nonsense plastered over it.

Blue blistering barnalces...
Posts: 23792
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

halloween is prevalent in neighbourhoods that like to have FUN. you have a found a good fit with your debbie downer neighbours.
Posts: 40822
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
we have fences in my street, because we all have dogs.

we all know each others dogs. i walk my neighbours dog, because im f***ing awesome.
Posts: 12915
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
nice try ASIO.
Posts: 7736
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Posts: 3320
Location: Other International

I grew up in Enoggera and it was somewhat similar to Scooter and Hardware, though not as far as dinner parties and halloween. Knew most of the neighbours, hung out with them and had kid friends my age or similar age with a few of them too.

Since then I've been living in central London mostly, which for me was typical metropolis anonymity, didn't often ever see or know your neighbours at all.

Now in Cape Town I know the peeps in all the flats on my floor, chat sometimes when I see them, I let one dude keep his motorbike in my garage, all fairly friendly but not too involved.

I'd agree local community is a great thing and really important, especially if you're there long term and it's more young family orientated. It takes a village init.
Posts: 23922
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Don't know my neighbours at all, prefer it that way
Posts: 6522

My nextdoor neighbour climbed over our balcony once when they looked themselves out of their unit.

But tbh in inner Syd most neighbours are transitory or Airbnb peeps.

Edit: they asked permission first.
Posts: 21377
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Don't know my neighbours at all, prefer it that way

Classic IT guy
Posts: 4629
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Don't know my neighbours at all, prefer it that way

basically this
Posts: 10648
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Know all the neighbours really well. Frequently sit out the front and chat while all the kids play
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