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Topic: Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9
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is out...

Just incase you didn't realise.

Never watched the show before? I am one of the millions who declare themselves to be Seinfeld's number one fan and put off watching this for a while because follow ups to insanely popular shows tend to suffer and I didn't want to be disappointed. However I ended up watching it and it honestly stands up with Seinfeld I think. Spoiler:
Larry David playing George on the Seinfeld reunion is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Anyway the show is almost 20 years old now so you've probably all decided whether it's good or not. It airs on a Monday afternoon on our time.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
OH, man I absolutely love CYE...I have been a huge fan since day 1...watched every episode...I love this show. You can certainly see where the Seinfeld Humour got its impetus, Larry David is a f***ing genius.

Honestly, do yourself a favour and d/load every episode and watch them from beginning to end and then start on the new eps....some of the best comedy writing ever committed to paper. I simply love many episodes but the Doll's Head/paedophile episode is so f***ing funny on so many levels, you will actually cry.

Really, don't undersell yourself, get ALL the episodes and watch them in order right up till now...I love how they have made the new episodes an immediate continuation on from the previous episodes of 6 yrs if nothing has changed from the very last line of dialogue. Don't be put off by the fact that it's 'American' humour...if you were a Seinfeld fan you will lover CYE. But it is a bit smarter, a bit wittier, more depth and nuances...and oh so well done. Greta actors in every role.

Hey fpot, you know that the character George from Seinfeld WAS actually based on Larry? When David wrote the character of'George' he based him on himself
he only revealed this many years later.....even in the CYE episodes you can see how 'George'-like Larry's real persona actually is...he is basically a f*** up who seems to offend everyone he comes in contact with! :) hehehe

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AGN Admin
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s***! Can't wait to watch this.

I actually started watching Curb and had to stop because I found it so cringey. But once I powered through that it is totally awesome. So many great moments. I was thinking about rewatching the other day & now I have a good reason.
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So I have a few friends who are Seinfeld nerds and it irks them to no end that I absolutely hate Seinfeld like I cannot stand it but I enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm. It literally does not compute for them but I dunno Seinfeld just does literally nothing for me (actually less tbh).
AGN Admin
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taggs: I can actually kind of see that. I think the humour is related but there's certainly a difference between them; Curb is more adult & dark.

My partner doesn't like Seineld OR Curb. Near-constant source of friction because I can't help but tell her she has no sense of humour.
Posts: 26074
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

CYE is Seinfeld from the universe where it is okay to say the word c*** on television.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i love seinfeld more than life itself, but have never been able to get into cye, i guess due to cringe factor.

even when ive gone back and attempted to watch, just cant get into it.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I love Larry David's self-absorbed cringe. He's usually right.
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