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Topic: Destiny 2! Here's Your First Look at Gameplay
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Overnight a special Destiny 2 event was held in California, basically a full conference setup to introduce everyone to the sequel to one of the popular online shooters of recent times. One that, yes, will also be available for PC this time around. Hoe does it look? Well, pretty awesome. In terms of presentation it looks like the cinematic factor has been turned up to 11. Which can only be a good thing.

Because at its core, Destiny's mechanics are some of the most fluid and polished we've ever played. Which made up for just about all of its other shortcomings, namely in the story and progression department. In Destiny 2 the story is dark one with Earth's last safe haven invaded and all Guardian's losing their light.

Check it out.

For an uninterrupted look at gameplay, skip to the 10:00 minute mark of the presentation below. In a first for the series we see story and characters that are pretty easy to follow with the fall of Earth's last safe city. Not only that but the environments look incredible, as does the animation and guardian abilities.

Destiny 2 will be available on September 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With the PS4 version once again getting timed exclusive content.
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Location: Central Coast, New South Wales

It still looks slow as f***...

Not sure I can roleplay as a cripple after playing Warframe for so long.
Posts: 3392
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Nope. No Dedicated servers on PC.
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Location: Queensland

What does not having dedicated servers mean though? Is it just pretty much single player with console style match making for group content? In Destiny there would be other people around on the planet you were on, not grouped with you. I am confused. Do the consoles get dedicated servers?
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Well, technically it does have dedicated servers, its not like it runs P2P. What does "dedicated servers" even mean anymore? Pretty much everything these days has dedicated servers, but I guess you mean the dedicated servers of 15 years ago where anyone can spin one up. Those days I think are long dead.

I hated the grind in Destiny, stopped playing it once I got to max level and the grind set in, but the shooter mechanics of it were a hell of a lot of fun. Guns felt great, headshots felt super satisfying to land, some stuff got annoying bullet-spongey on the harder difficulties but on the whole pretty fun mechanics. Not enough to make me rush out and buy the second one, but fun enough that I'll be watching reviews and maybe picking it up if it looks good.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i look forward to new and improved dance offs.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I don't think you're right there Khel (see below). f***.That.

Instead, Destiny 2 will likely continue to use the tech of the first game. Destiny and its expansions use a form of peer-to-peer networking for their multiplayer modes, which is typical for online console games. The issue with peer-to-peer, however, is that it can come with some major latency issues; since data is transmitted to each player individually, there are more points of failure.

Overwatch. DOTA2. BF1. Starcraft f***ing 2 FFS. Theyr'e all using dedicated servers - Why the hell is this brand new game which is multiplayer only not using them? In the era of "the cloud"!
Posts: 569
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Definitely no dedicated servers. Nachosjustice went over there, he confirmed it's p2p. Player hosted. 100%.
Posts: 23796
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Wow, never would have thought it was P2P, I never noticed it in the first one, it felt really solid. I never really played any of the competitive stuff though, maybe it's more of a problem there, but I never had a problem in strikes
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

it's why people were able to cheese crota with the host drop glitch and s***.
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