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Topic: King Arthur trailer
Posts: 5107
Location: Queensland

So, this kind of looked ok.

Then I saw this scene and thought. f*** off. Same actor, some beard, same hands-free arms out BS from the last scene of SOA. Has he been typecast? Did the producers of this King Arthur stuff see the end of SOA and think, hey, that's a great look. Let's take him from 300 horsepower down to one horsepower, but otherwise, let's make him look just the same.

Tanaka Khan
Posts: 5760
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Heard it uses way too much CGI and is crap. I believe it.
Posts: 40599
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
yup, getting terribad reviews, shallow characters and shoot doesnt fit the story.
Posts: 3261
Location: Other International

What if lock stock and two smoking barrels (or any of Guy Richie's catalogue) was in medieval times? Is a great premise I think, shame if they botched it.

E.T. you should check out that actor in The Lost City of Z which has rave reviews.

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