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Topic: Dinosaur 'Statue' Unveiled
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Some guy accidentally drove his tractor into a big rock and it turned out to be a dinosaur preserved in showroom condition.

Scientists say the animal's remains are so well preserved due to how it was deposited. The animal was likely washed away in a flood, floated out to sea and sunk in to ocean floor belly up, allowing for its skin and armour to be mineralised so it would keep its shape. This process all happened from 110-112 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. There is still much to be learned from the fossil, with its bone structure still trapped from view under its armour.;pvf6776caedb51efb3

Hoax alert, of course. I was just discussing the phrase too good to be true with someone today and that one picture that's been released (why not more) seems too good to be true.
AGN Admin
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Location: USA

f***! Looks legit. What a find. I love NatGeo.
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Location: Other International

Any more pics? National Geo is giving me a proxy error
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Location: Ballarat, Victoria
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Google cache has your back, notgreazy (if that is even your real name!)
AGN Admin
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Location: USA

Whole natgeo site is offline for me atm :(
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Thanks guys, Trillion's link works for me.

f*** that images are amazing. But for some reason I imagined something huge, it's quiet small!
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

f*** that images are amazing. But for some reason I imagined something huge, it's quiet small!

Maybe because dinosaur?!
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Location: Victoria

Got no time for small dinosaurs.
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