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Topic: PSA Windows 'Creators Update' Breaks Nvidia Gsync
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Just a heads up to any fellow Nvidia players who may have updated their version of windows to the latest (build 1703) Creator's Edition as its called, its broken Gsync for Nvidia cards. You might come back to your machine like I did 20 mins ago and your display port can not see nothin!

Here's the info

"NVIDIA’s G-Sync display technology takes your gaming experience to the next level. This tool synchronizes display refresh rates to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered PC, reducing screen tearing, stutter and input lag. As a result, game scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is very smooth.

Recent user reports have revealed that Windows 10 Creators Update breaks windowed G-Sync Mode. More specifically, games on Windowed and Borderless Windowed are affected by severe stuttering, with the FPS rate constantly jumping from 50 to 100. Switching back to full screen fixes this problem.

Here’s how one user describes this issue:

It seems like Creators Update breaks Windowed G-sync. I installed driver 381.65 and run it with both AU and CU (with DDU after installing CU). Good performance during benchmarks but after I benched and went on to play some Overwatch, I found some issues with G-Sync and CU.

In short, Windowed G-Sync seem to be broken and when you play a game on Windowed/Borderless Windowed, it’s stuttering and FPS jumped from 50-100 all the time. Didn’t happen with the same driver version with AU before I updated.

How to fix Windowed G-Sync bugs

Go to Start > type Control Panel > select the first result and launch the app
Go to System and Security > select Power Options
Select the “Choose what the power buttons do” option
Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”
Uncheck “Turn on fast startup”
Restart your computer.
Unfortunately, other gamers have reported that the Creators Update OS broke their G-Sync in full screen as well: “Dark Sousl 3 and Quake Champions are littered with tearing and it says G-Sync is enabled.”

Currently, there is no fix for G-Sync issues on full screen, but NVIDIA has already acknowledged this problem and its engineers are working on a fix."

Sucks I know, let's hope Nvidia update their drivers real soon, or fpot will kill himself! :)
Posts: 25803
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

s*** hey I've been busy the last few days and haven't played anything.
Posts: 23685
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

So I might hold off on this...
Posts: 6220
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Nvidia are on the case. A hot fix driver (381.71), although it looks like its mainly for laptops?? is over there.

I disabled the faststart as mentioned in my OP. and haven't had a problem since. I have found one site that indicates that their testing shows this is only affecting Windowed Fullscreen and Borderlees Modes.

It just had me concerned when I came back to my comp I could not wake the screen and the 'No Display Port found' error just sitting there in the middle of my screen. But since doing the 'fix' I've played for several hours and not had a prob, with Gysnc enabled.
Posts: 23722
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Well, quake champions would be an OpenGL game wouldn't it? Gsync doesn't work in OpenGL, I always get massive amounts of tearing in past I'd games like Doom and Wolfenstein.

I actually didn't even realise gsync worked in windowed mode at all, for some reason I thought it only worked full screen
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