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Topic: New PC build
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Im looking for someone who would help to build my own PC by walking me thru and teaching me about building pc's.

would someone be interested in helping
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
its not a fun experience and you can well and truly f*** your warranty if you don't get it right.

these days i just get umart to build it for me, pick up a nice built box with no warranty issues.

but, its also useful to know what do:
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Location: Queensland

Youtube has a lot of videos on this too

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Linus Tech tips is a good YouTube channel for hardware stuff, also hardware Canucks and jayz 2 cents (though that one is more focused on cooling and custom builds).
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It's easier than it's ever been imo, with how modular and plug & play everything is these days. Though you can still break it if you're not careful so you gotta read all the guides. Main thing is getting the right stuff to make sure its all compatible and physically fits.
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It's pretty hard to break a PC build nowadays, PCBs are even coated so its hard to ESD. main thing is to read instructions, don't rush, get a static strap.
Youtube has everything you need for pretty much every step.

Even comparison tests of ways to apply thermal paste.
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

+1 youtube.
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