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Topic: Free PC Parts and WD TV Live!!
Posts: 9285
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Doing a bit of a clean out and I have the following parts to give away - the catch is you have to take it all, no splitting.

Nearly went to the tip today but thought someone may use them:

This is all together (cpu and ram on MB) and was working fine last time it was used
Asus P8875-M LX
Intel i3 (not sure on Ghz, I think 2.2)
8 GB RAM (4*2 DDR3)

This is all together (cpu and ram on mb) was working when last used
M2N68-LA (from HP pc, maybe Asus brand)
AMD Athlon II (don't remember speed)
No fan

PowerColor Radeon HD 6770 - was working fine, son upgraded

DVD Writer SH-224 - internal, black I think it's a Samsung. Was working fine and hardly used

Western Digital TV Live - has remote but no power supply

A few sata cables, driver cd's etc

Pick-up Annerley - I'll be around most of the weekend

Posts: 40539
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Interested but not back in Brissy until sat nite.

If u still got this stuff sunday ill pop over and grab it.
Posts: 9286
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I should be around most of Sunday at this stage.
Posts: 40540
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
looks like no one else wanted it! sweet!

ill be in touch!
Posts: 9287
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I'm heading salisbury way now, if you text me address I'll drop it off.

PM'd my mobile number.

If not, I should be around later today.

Posts: 18367
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I want it!

Spook doesn't deserve it. He'll just break it anyway.
Posts: 40542
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
what you want tollz?

i only wante some specific bits, if theres something you want that i dont need happy to pass it on!
Posts: 40543
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i even have a power cable for the wdtv live if you want that i think.
Posts: 18368
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I've got a WDTV live, with a power cable. I found the remote for it the other day too!
The i3 system parts for a small home media system.

I would set it up with a really confusing system of cabling and inputs to make sure my partner has a really hard time using it whilst I laugh from my evil lair.

Posts: 40544
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
you can have the cpu!

i want the mobos and ram though :)
Posts: 18369
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
cpu socket is 1155 isn't it?
Posts: 40546
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
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