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Topic: The Latest Quake Champion, Clutch, is Woke AF
Posts: 1961
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Because he's an awakened automaton you see, and all that newfound sentience is being directed toward killing all living organisms. As you do. Although described as "a woke AF killing machine", in an attempt to appeal to that most mythical of marketing targets -- the cool teen who gets it and both understands, admires, and detests the idea of corporate sponsored identity -- Clutch is actually the most normal sounding Quake Champion announced so far.

And as a tank, one that we definitely want to play with. His (or its) abilities sound very cool. As soon as they turn on those Australian servers that is.

Active Ability – Barrier: Whether you’re in team games and want to protect allies, or just need a quick save in Deathmatch, throw down Clutch’s Barrier Active Ability to block incoming attacks for a limited time. This large force-shield once protected organics and drills in the mines, but in the Arena, it serves as a solid defense against enemy Champions.

Passive Ability – Still Defense: Got some aggressive, rocket-happy bunny-hopper coming at you head-on? With Clutch’s Still Defense Passive Ability, stand strong and gain 20% damage reduction against incoming attacks while walking or standing still. In addition, running forward without changing direction will increase your speed. Handy in the mines, devastating in the Arenas.

Quake Champions is currently in Closed Beta*

* - Coming soon to Australia**
** - Because we have to wait***
*** - For local server to go live****
**** - And by that we mean remembered to be switched on.
Posts: 6589
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

ready and waiting!
Posts: 2576
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
The beta is pretty fun, can't wait for local Australian servers.
Posts: 2547
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Local servers are super necessary, but even on 250 ping it's fun. Can't wait!
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