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Topic: The Cure for Hiccups Discovered
Posts: 25802
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Can some people please try this? Because everyone I've suggested this method to has had it work for them and I'm now looking to increase my sample size.

Step 1 : get the hiccups
Step 2 : determine the average length of your hiccup interval. That is, the time between each hiccup.
Step 3 : once this has been determined, fake hiccup at the time you'd expect a real hiccup to occur.

Repeat that a few times.

Your hiccups should now be gone. Please get back to me with results.
Posts: 12144
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Interesting, I will give this a shot the next time I have hiccups. Though I don't seem to get them much these days. I can only remember it happening once in recent months and they didn't last long.
Posts: 9415
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Nah, it just results in a double-hiccup... you know, like a double-jump :)
Posts: 685
Location: Other International

I get a cough hickup, cough hickup. Really annoying because then i start hickuping without coughing. Will try this
Posts: 1847
Location: Central Coast, New South Wales

All of these methods are irrelevant for me.

I only ever get 1-3 hiccups at most. They always come in at random times and ALWAYS hurt like a motherf***er...
Posts: 12703
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I get hiccups when the Chili I eat is over the top hot.
lol i can seriously give myself Hiccups.
Tends to stop after 10 secs

I think it becomes a mind thing, you kind of panic a little and that makes it worse, a little like Ashtma, I will give this method a try though.

I grow Chilis after kind of getting interested in them a couple of years ago.
I grow Cayennes and Birds Eyes. 20+ plants
Posts: 6216
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Sorry guys , nothing to see here. If it works for you its ok, but it is a reset of the Diaphragmatic muscle. That piece of muscle that sits at the base of the lungs and helps protects the lungs from aspiration of crap from the lower bits...namely your stomach. That and the hiatus muscle at the top of the stomach. Simply stuffing yourself or eating too quickly will set this baby off.

If you simply calm down, breathe slowly and to a regular beat (I suggest Daft Punk) and force yourself to breathe thru the next expected hiccup, it will reset the rhythm of that muscle, almost instantly. I suppose the forcing of the 'fake hiccup' might work, but the key thing is to relax and not be anxious. Chill. They are actually a micro cough, a 'hiccough' if you will.

*Fun Fact. I've actually seen & heard a dead body moan, 'oh gawwrrrrrd' from the relaxation of this muscle under the diaphragm & lungs when a ligature was removed from the neck and trapped air passed forced up from pressure, past the larynx and out thru the mouth.

Everyone in the room jumped like s***, (two big tough Detectives mind you), except for the pathologist *and me of course, I was too busy focusing a camera at the time. ....ok I might have jumped a bit...some of the pics were a bit blurry but that was the cameras fault!! :)

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AGN Admin
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^^ Psycho fun facts are the best fun facts
Posts: 6217
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
^^ Psycho fun facts are the best fun facts

Man, what are you doing in the USA again!? And how the f*** did a vagina terrorist like you actually get in!?

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