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Topic: Tint removal in Brisbane?
Posts: 385
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Hi all,

Im considering buying an 85 corollacoaster for close to $200. The biggest problem is that its tinting is festooned with bubbles and must be removed to be roadworthy. Apparently this is no easy job and costs several hundred dollars...

There doesnt seem to be any reason to buy a $200 car if it costs three times that to get the tint removed.

Im going to call around and get some quotes but I thought someone on here may have a mate that does it cheap or have some experience in removing it first hand and have some tips for me.

Cheers guys

Posts: 4356
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
There doesnt seem to be any reason to buy a $200 car

Or a 25 year old toyota.

The tint is just the first thing you'll be paying to fix.

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Posts: 6700
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
You buy a $200 for parts, not to drive or spend money on getting it roadworthy.
Pretty safe bet you'll have to spend a lot more cash on it to get it roadworthy.
Posts: 11657
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
doubt it costs hundreds of dollars

i'd guess it's a pretty common occurance

heat gun would probably do it

if i can ever be f***ed i need to get the tint removed from the vadge and redone as it's pretty s***ty
Posts: 386
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
sort of, its a mate from unis car and hes got a new car. Its mechanically very good. 102 000kms with a recond engine at 80. Transmission is excellent. The aircon works and is better than my parents Lexus.

It has a few minor problems but another mate is a mechanic and is fixing it to roadworthy for a carton of beer or there abouts.

The tint he cant do and will be the real car hunt
Posts: 260
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I'm trying to get rid of a 1990 Ford Laser and even the wreckers don't want it, still drives too. I'm probably going to end up selling it to sims metal for $100 as scrap metal. Old cars are worth nothing if there is stuff to fix up.
Posts: 8652
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

hair dryer and a blade?

it's summer so the car will be bloody hot anyway..
Posts: 4708
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

i have a corolla from 1932 and it is f***ing awesome. they are the most reliable cars ON THE PLANET.
Posts: 4191
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Word of the week: Corollacoaster.
Posts: 6204
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
metho/turps (I forget which one) and a hot/wet cloth brah

also, razor blades
(not for the window, for your wrists after considering driving around a $200 rolla - down the street, not across the road)
Posts: 387
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
All good suggestions

keep them coming!
Posts: 4358
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
soak the car under water
Posts: 1256
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Just find someone who will do a dodgey road worthy? There's still a few of them around....
Posts: 6841
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Word of the week: Corollacoaster.
i used to use this when i had my corolla
alternatives include
Posts: 3588
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Posts: 4574
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I'd do the windows yourself with a razor blade and some metho/turps, but it might be best to get the rear windscreen done professionally if you want the demister to still work.
Posts: 1204
Location: Queensland
heated baby's blood should do the trick
Posts: 28284
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
replace all the glass with new glass
Posts: 254
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Posts: 6845
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I knew i'd said it before here
Gaelic newb
Posts: 17449
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

you wanker hardware
Posts: 1395
Location: Tasmania

You should be able to remove it yourself if it is a home film job.

Otherwise, I think it's more like $10 passanger windows and $50 the big ones or something.

$700 seems very excessive, more expensive than getting it tinted.

Tinta-A-Car: Are good, dunno if they are on the mainland but :)
Posts: 6847
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
thats your mums job heardy
Posts: 2
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
All you need is a iron that makes a s*** load of steam and a razor blade. Thats how I've gotten tint off before. Works a treat.
Posts: 15665
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I removed the old tinting from my car (it too is a corolla!) the other day, just peeled it off with my fingernails & used K&H Wax & Grease Remover to get all the sticky s*** off and some glass cleaner for a streak free viewing experience. It's a piece of piss to do yourself.


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