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Topic: Promising Dark Fantasy Horror Shooter, Witchfire, Now Coming...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9504
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Originally intended for an Early Access stint at the tail-end of 2022, Witchfire, from developer, The Astronauts, has been pushed into the early part of 2023, the developer has confirmed. In switching up the combat system from that of an arena-style FPS to one more at home in open-world shooters, the studio opted to delay the release of the game.

"The feature is now 95% implemented," said creative director Adrian Chmielarz. "It makes the game better. It is kind of hard for me to imagine the player did not have that freedom before. Sure, you can still be trapped by the witch in this or that spot, and some doors will be closed until you find a key, and it might be too dangerous to enter areas closer to the boss before you are ready – but the world is wide open for you to explore in almost any order, and you can both push forward and retreat as you please.”

The team is also promising a "treat" for punters keen on the game's setting and story, though it won't be in the form of a new trailer or new gameplay or the like.

"Last but not least, expect something nice in a week or two. Let’s call it Witchfire Halloween Week," Chmielarz added. "It won’t be any gameplay footage or stream or such, but if you are interested in the story and the world and great 2D art, it’s going to be a treat.”

In case you missed the game's official trailer, check it out below and stay tuned for more as it becomes available, because this is one we're very, very keen on here at AusGamers.

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