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Topic: Battlefield 2042 Review In Progress - A Whole Lot of FUBAR
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Battlefield 2042 is right around the corner, and ahead of its launch we were invited to a review event where we got to spend time with the game's main modes. From All-Out War (Conquest to Breakpoint) to the new Hazard Zone and the all-things classic Battlefield that is Portal.

Turns out having three core game modes makes for the most confusing Battlefield experience since Battlefield Hardline. A snippet.
New Battlefield modes are a novelty but, at least in Oceania, Conquest is the mode that truly delivers the multi-frontline, frantic back-capping, for real all-out war experience. Breakthrough falls apart immediately by separating teams into attackers and defenders with a single defined frontline. Sectors are captured when the attacking team controls up to three points, but they have to control them simultaneously as defenders can recap. On paper, recapping isn’t bad, but considering how woefully balanced Breakthrough is in favour of defenders, the worst place to start in Battlefield 2042 is as an attacker in this mode.

But, let's backtrack a bit. DICE has added preamble before matches kick off that offer some weak-sauce narrative context, which then awkwardly transitions into an attempted stylish drop-off for your squad. While this does buy time for slower machines to load before the round starts, it stops you from being able to tinker with your loadout. Which you’ll be doing a lot given how hard it is to find a decent primary weapon, let alone the right gear.

The class system is no more.

Head Here for Our Battlefield 2042 Review In Progress
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