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Topic: WolfEye Studios Reveals 2022 Release Date for Weird West for...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9075
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

And starring WolfEye Studios' co-creator and all-round industry legend, Raphael Colantonio, this new video deep-dive into the basic setup of the world and systems of Weird West is one of those "just scratching the surface" types of dealies.

You learn things like, if it looks interactive in the world, it probably is. Or, "I don't want to follow the game's prompts" and so just don't, according to Raf.

Here's some more from WolfEye buddies, Devolver Digital:
Newly opened pre-orders on Steam will furnish players with a horse named Calamity; a dependable mule that provides leg up at the beginning of their adventures by doubling their inventory size, allowing them to escape locations even if enemies are chasing them, and faster travel to avoid missing out on timed objectives. Calamity’s saddle bags will also be stocked up with essential items, including lockpicks, bandages, tools and a Golden Ace of Spades upgrade token.
Oh, and that release date? January 11, 2022. Across all revealed platforms -- PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Check out the new video embedded below, which is the first in a series detailing the game in more in-depth ways. Also, check out our very own developer interview feature with Raph.

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