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Topic: PC Only, No Consoles Allowed - Riders Republic is Available ...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9047
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Which is a fancy way of saying Ubisoft is looking to stress test the PC build of the game and so decided to let it loose to the PC masses free for a day through Ubisoft Connect. But you need to get in quick, as this is just a one day affair, and it kicks off from tomorrow, October 12.

You'll be able to conquer mountains in Red Bull Rampage style and fashion kicking off from 6pm, October 12 AEDT, with tracks closing the same time the following day, October 13. Here's what Ubi told us you can expect:
The Riders Republic PC Play Day will give players access to all 5 career progressions, playable either in solo or PvP. Players will also be able to compete in all multiplayer modes:
  • Mass Race: The crazier the better in these epic, multisport races with more than 50 players*. New races appear randomly on the map every 30 minutes, so players will need to get ready to watch their blind spots, protect their position and remain agile with their skills as they fight their way to the finish line. PC Play Day will feature up to 3 different Mass Races.
  • Versus Mode: Players can join up with 5 friends in any career event and see who’s the very best.
  • Tricks Battle: Players will compete in 6v6 matchups and try to land as many tricks as possible on the various modules to capture them and earn points. The team with the highest score wins.
  • Free for All: In this mode, players can challenge up to 11 opponents and show them how it’s done through a select playlist of events.
The game isn't too far from release, and we've gone hands-on already with the console build, and walked away excited if Ubi can iron out all the performance kinks. But from a pure content perspective, what's here is very tantalising and fun.

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