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Topic: Sorry Parents and Guardians, Roblox is Taking All Your Money...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8819
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Actually, that's only a half truth. What's actually happening is that this creator-first open platform is taking a lot of your money, because your kids are likely the ones obsessed with it, but that money is going into paying creators for the activities and items they make and share there, and also back into the platform to make it bigger and better.

Impressively Roblox has joined the big leagues as a publicly traded company, hitting market today with shares kicking off at USD$45 and eventually settling at USD$69.50. What this does is push the value of all "stock outstanding" to USD$38.26 billion, according to PC Gamer. What all the jargon eludes to, is that the investment chops of Roblox for the longterm sees value in the company rising thanks largely to an engaged and active user-base that sees more than 30 million users playing daily.

That's a pretty significant number.

PC Gamer points out that these figures and the company's initial performance has them in the same conversation as the EAs, Ubisofts and Take-Twos of the gaming world. However, it's important to understand how long those companies have been around and how "new money" Roblox is, with a pretty sheer hill in front of them yet to climb. Whichever way you look at it currently though, this is good news for content creators on the platform, and bad news for parents and guardians who just don't realise what it actually is they're feeding.

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