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Topic: Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Available in Australia, We G...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard's built-for-mobile entry in the action-RPG franchise and surprise, there's a Technical Alpha for the free-to-play title hitting Australia today. Yeah, surprise numero dos, it is free-to-play. And with a focus on story (the events take place between Diablo II and Diablo III) you wouldn't know it from playing it.

As per out hands-on.
With early access to the Technical Alpha, and once again rolling a Demon Hunter (natch), there’s just nothing quite like getting to experience an action-RPG from the get-go. To get a feel for the pacing, the early progression, the loot, the combat, the flow. The stats, the skills, the levelling. When it comes to an action-RPG like a Diablo, there are so many elements in play that getting a sense of it all piecemeal or a bit at a time is the ideal way to go.

But, there’s also the matter of presentation. And it’s this side of Immortal that hits you immediately, from the wonderful score to the overly dramatic voice acting (very reminiscent of Diablo III’s campaign) and the characters and stakes. There's a story here, and plenty of it - with its timeline sitting between Diablo II and III. So yeah, Deckard Cain is back, lovable old coot that he is. And so is the Town of Wortham -- on the account of it still standing. The driver, outside of slaying demons, is to find all the missing pieces of the shattered Worldstone and to stop Skarn, the Herald of Terror, from resurrecting Diablo.

Our Full Diablo Immortal Hands-On Preview
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