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Topic: Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review - The PlayStation 5 Launch W...
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With Sackboy: A Big Adventure offering up a multiplayer romp through a highly detailed world chock full of details and real-world materials to give it all a warm and fuzzy feel. So then, with Astro's Playroom presenting a great 3D platformer that also doubles as a showcase for the new DualSense controller - how does Sackboy's journey fare?

The answer is, a pretty smooth trip but not one without issues.
It’s clear that with the slow pace it’s a game better suited to a group of Sackboys running about each level before the inevitable ramping up of challenge and pace makes it engaging to tackle solo. There’s a story here, one featuring a big bad offering a toy-time glimpse at a potential Abe’s Odyssey journey to save a bunch of yarn slaves, but it mostly sits and simmers in the background. Instead the different worlds and stages carry the brunt of the immersion, presenting a compilation of hits and style as Sackboy’s quest progresses.

The compilation comparison is one that grabs you immediately too, on the account of the licensed music, covers, and original pieces scattered throughout Sackboy: A Big Adventure being something of a treasure trove of funk, house, pop, and disco. From an on-rails stage set to the sublime scope of The Chemical Brothers ‘Private Psychedelic Reel’ to a pop party set to Bruno Mars singing ‘Uptown Funk’ to an instrumental cover of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ set in a dreamy underwater locale – the interplay between music and the levels border on genius.

Our Full Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review
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