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Topic: Subnautica: Below Zero "Stranger Pings" Update and Trailer i...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8651
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Still in Early Access on Discord, Epic Games Store and Steam, the latest update for Subnautica: Below Zero adds a host of improvements to help you uncover the alien mystery lurking below the surface and above it.

Before you get to watch the awesome video though, here's some official information on the expansion and this update, in that order:

Uncover the Truth

After a rocky landing, Robin Ayou sets out to dig deeper and learn what really happened to her sister Sam while stationed on Planet 4546B. She was prepared to embark on a solitary, investigative journey. She was not prepared to have company. Let alone company she can’t seem to get out of her head...

What really happened here? Was Sam’s death an “accident” as Alterra wants her to believe? Will Robin find the closure she seeks?

Employee Profiles

Alterra stationed a handful of scientists on Planet 4546B. While the people themselves are gone, clues of their time here remain. Scanning their nameplates in the bases they were stationed in unlocks vivid art and compelling details about their work.

Environmental Storytelling

Small details make a big difference in this update. All throughout the world, a variety of information is now available. From unlockable encyclopedia entries to detailed first-person interaction. These environmental touches are both visually captivating and deeply informative.

Artifact Pings

The heads up display (HUD) will now indicate Artifacts in the world with the Precursor symbol. All pings can be managed through the PDA.

Known Issue: PDA Unlocks

As new encyclopedia entries are added, PDAs that have been previously picked up may reappear in the world. If it has already been unlocked, even if the PDA is still visible, it cannot be picked up again. We are working on a solution!
Having not played this yet but having finished the first outing at least three times, this makes me feel like breaking my no-spolier Early Access promise to myself, so we'll see. Maybe the first game again as a refresher?

Here's the promised video.

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