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Topic: A Total War Saga: TROY Review - Swords, Sandals, and Epic Ba...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Developer Creative Assembly finally sets its sights on our very own Achilles Heel.. an Ancient Greek setting. With A Total War Saga: TROY it presents the Trojan War as presented in Homer's epic The Iliad.

And as our reviewer Edan Burg found out -- in addition to some cool new stuff added, the latest Total War also makes the choice between Brad Pitt and Eric Bana an easy one. Because you can simply play through the campaign again.
Swords, sandals, myth, and legend. Starting out you have a choice of eight factions split across the Greeks and Trojans. As is the Total War way each has its own playstyle, unique units, and heroes. In the two playthroughs for this review the choice was simple... Brad Pitt and then Eric Bana. I mean, Achilles and Hector.

The focus on heroes outside of simple abilities on a skill-tree is very cool. Take Achilles, he has a faction mechanic where his mood is affected by his actions -- things like sitting in a settlement chilling with his homie Patroclus or being at war and watching out for any heel-bound projectiles. His mood can result in the overall population becoming unhappy, and ol’ Achilles loves a good mood swing so managing his temperament becomes a thing.

Hector on the other hand is in competition with his brother Paris, who looks suspiciously like Orlando Bloom, so there’s a whole system around earning praise from dearest father to be named faction heir. Be the first to earn enough praise and either Bana or Bloom will unlock permanent buffs and goodies.

Our Full A Total War Saga: TROY Review
Dave T
Posts: 1

Available for free in the first 24 hours of release, to claim and keep, from the Epic Games store from 11 pm tonight (Sydney time, 13 August). If I have done my conversion correctly.
Posts: 7291
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Thanks Dave... indeed it does! We'll be sharing that as soon as it goes live... that's our calculation too
Posts: 12451
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Picked it up for free, have had this on my calendar for a while.
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