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Topic: Western Digital WD_BLACK P10 and P50 Game Drive Reviews
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

The new WD_BLACK range of external drives, that just so happen to be deigned specifically for gamers, feature a rather rugged and very stylish look. Like a metallic crate you'd find inside a game. Today we've got reviews from the range - the standard P10 and the cutting edge NVMe SSD external that is the P50 Game Drive.

So, even though the wider discussion around storage in the gaming community has moved on to focus on speed - the P10 isn’t the sort of drive you’d take beyond the current PS4 or Xbox One generation. Okay, so maybe that’s a little harsh. If you were to pick up an Xbox Series X this holiday season ,the P10 would be the external drive storing all the backwards compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox One games you intend to play versus the fancy next-gen stuff.

In the PC space the story is similar, with speeds of around 130MB/s, the P10 is a drive you’d backup a few titles on or use for specific games.

Click Here For Our Full Western Digital WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive Review

In 2020, the storage discussion is one that has moved on from capacity to focus squarely on transfer speeds. In real terms this is why next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will offer faster SSD solutions, speed increases that will lead to near instantaneous loading over simple TB multiplication. For Western Digital and its new WD_BLACK line of external drives, the WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive sits at the very top of the pile and thanks in part to its rugged casing housing an NVMe SSD – speed is the name of this impressive Game Drive.

Click Here For Our Full Western Digital WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive Review
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