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Topic: MSI MPG SEKIRA 500P Review - A Sleek and Minimal Case that T...
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Other Mid-Tower cases that is, with the MSI MPG SEKIRA 500P offering more room than you'll ever need for things like cooling and storage drives. Or, Cyberpunk 2007 figurines to add a little more style to an already stylish build. For it's size and weight though what you do get is one well-built, well-ventilated case that will last you a number of years.

When you’re deciding on a new PC case, especially if it’s to accompany a brand-new build, there are several factors that play into that decision. Airflow, size, and nice-to-have features like proper cable management and larger radiator support for liquid cooling. When it comes to making that walk-to-the-cash-register decision though, most of that takes a temporary backseat to the actual look. The aesthetics of the rectangular box that will become home to all manner of circuitry and chipsets and spinning fans -- the look of a case is the first thing that grabs you. And looking at the current trend in PC gaming where RGB accents can be found everywhere and what’s inside a case being something to be proudly displayed – the case is one area where personal taste plays a major role in the final decision.

And on that note the minimal but stylish design that makes up the MSI MPG SEKIRA 500P is something that we can get wholeheartedly behind. A simple rectangular shape, brushed metal finish, two glass-panel doors (that open via handle), and ample room for not only your gear but more drives and cooling than you’d ever need -- with room to spare. Easily one of the most impressive mid-tower cases we’ve seen in a while (and this kind of pushes the concept of the mid-tower to its absolute limit due to its overall size), the sturdy and solid build make it the sort of case you can carry over multiple generations of hardware.

Click Here to Read Our Full MSI MPG SEKIRA 500P Review
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