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Topic: Carrion Interview - Phobia Game Studio On Its Reverse-Horror...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

We sit down with the monsters at Phobia Game Studio to discuss the upcoming reverse-horror of Carrion – the game that puts you in control of an alien with a taste for meat. Published by Devolver Digital it's due for release in the coming months on PC, Xbox One ,and Nintendo Switch.

Plus there's playable demo you can check out right now on Steam.

“The general idea that eating humans would make the monster grow was there from the very beginning,” the team tells me. “The final specifics of the system did indeed evolve over time - especially how the different skills are divided between different forms of the creature and how the players have to learn to manipulate its size to overcome various challenges. We believe this “mass-based class system” puts a refreshing twist on the Metroid formula, as it allows us to create more complex puzzle scenarios than if you had all the skills at your disposal at all time.”

This then led into Carrion’s unique look and feel with everything based on physics. “The monster’s movement is physically simulated, so most of its animations are procedurally generated based on those calculations - half of the final effect was achieved thanks to effective usage of point-based physics,” they continue. “The other half of the job was to make the creature look less like a set of meatballs connected by some noodles - which it basically is - by mixing it with some more conventional sprite animations that are quite efficient at masking the underlying shapes of the monster.”

Click Here to Read Our Full Carrion Interview
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