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Topic: Sleepless in Seattle - The Last of Us Part II Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8568
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

It's been a big day for Sony. This morning they blew the gaming world away with their plans for the PlayStation 5 and this afternoon embargo has lifted for reviews of the PS4's generation swansong, The Last of Us Part II.

We've actually had the game for a long time, and tackled it at the height of its challenge settings to give you the most in-depth review we could, while offering up as close to zero spoilers as possible.

Here's a snippet:
In part due to the challenge of reviewing the game as clearly as possible without breaking the rules in place, I decided to tackle it on Survival for the ultimate The Road-like experience. In the game’s opening menu, Survivor is described as “an intense, demanding challenge”, where “resources are extremely scarce and enemies are deadly”. Tonally, it’s no spoiler that the world of The Last of Us is brutal, as was established in the first game. While we’re all used to post-apocalyptic settings, more often than not enemies like zombies or mutated beasties are what’s referred to as ‘toys’ within these spaces; grindy fodder for combat, points or resource gathering -- moving, groaning imediements, often slow and easy to dispatch, despite large numbers. Especially if we’re in open-worlds or sandboxes.

This also usually means there’s at least *some* lightheartedness sprinkled throughout, but with The Last of Us as a franchise and, in particular, Part II, there’s little-to-no-room for joviality. Make no mistake, the brake lines are well and truly cut where in-your-face violence and brutality is concerned here.

And there are certainly no ‘toys’ in sight.
Click here for our full The Last of Us Part II review.
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