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Topic: DOOM Eternal Preview - Redefining the Shooter
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

After spending three hours with a near-final build of DOOM Eternal thanks to Bethesda, we discover that id Software has been quietly building a stunning genre-defining experience that could potentially become the high watermark for the FPS genre.

A snipper from our preview.
After playing through a lengthy section of DOOM Eternal’s final campaign (about three hours all up) there was a sense that this could have been a sequel in the traditional sense. A sentiment born from the impressive ambition and scope we saw in the game last year, where elements return but are expanded upon. New stuff found around every corner, but with a look and feel that is still every bit DOOM. As a movie poster might tell you – ‘Bigger and better, the Slayer is back!’.

On that note DOOM Eternal is a revelation. Almost overwhelming in its scope and seamless execution of pure first-person action. An experience chock full of genuinely fascinating ideas of how a first-person shooter can play. Or could. With story, level design, platforming, and intuitive puzzles that feel like they belong. Familiar and refreshing and unlike anything else in the shooter space.

Click Here to Read Our Full DOOM Eternal Preview
AGN Admin
Posts: 39866
Location: Other International

environments & action looks great! dunno about the narrative stuff, the very first line I Saw in the bit I watched of the video ("let's see how long you survive in this cursed city") seemed lame.

I'm still waiting for the last Doom game to go on a big enough sale so I can buy it, hopefully will get to it before this one comes out
Posts: 26895
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Doom 2016 is great and worth it at full price.
Posts: 6508
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

i kind of dig that they went full cartoon with the story... and not serious... coupled with the violence and action it's a fine blend
Posts: 4472
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
looking ok for a doomed space marine

Can’t be any worse than Doom VFR
Posts: 12342
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Great preview! It sounds amazing.
Posts: 26944
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland - DOOM 2016 for like, 12 bucks. It's one of the great FPS' of the decade so grab it if you haven't played.
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