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Topic: Borderlands 3 Review - Muted Mayhem
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Like many out there we've been playing a bunch of Borderlands 3 over the past couple of weeks, and have spent enough time on the re-imagined Pandora and beyond to bring you our full - and belated - verdict. So then, how does it stack up? Is its more of the same approach to design enough to carry its lengthy campaign?

Questions that you may have your own answers to, so be sure to share them. Also, we didn't find it as funny as the first two games.
Taken at face value Borderlands 3 is fun and a welcome return to the co-op action-RPG shooting of the series roots. Wonderful guns, explosive screen-filling action, and a colourful palette of locales and enemies that continues to push the series’ cartoon-come-to-life aesthetic. Fun yes, but not that thing it aspires to be. Funny.

They say comedy is subjective, and this is true in the sense that what one person finds funny another may not. That said, Borderlands 3 is not funny. At least not in the same way the first two entries were. Almost offensively so. And not in the subject matter or scatological sources of its rapid-fire reference-filled stream of endless gags and regurgitated memes - but in how it treats the art-form we call the joke.

Click Here to Read Our Full Borderlands 3 Review
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