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Topic: 2K and Gearbox Reveal Endgame and Post-Release Content Plans...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8291
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We're not far away now from conquering, then leaving, Pandora for planet-hopping loot-tastic missions in Gearbox Software's forthcoming Borderlands 3. And overnight publisher 2K Games and the developer dropped info on what you can expect from the game at story's end.

Namely, that the game actually opens up tenfold upon campaign completion with new challenges, and new difficulty setting and "consistent post-launch support".
During the Gearbox Main Theatre Show at PAX West over the weekend, Gearbox provided new insights into Borderlands 3's endgame, including the return of True Vault Hunter Mode, an evolution of Borderlands 2’s Badass Rank mechanic called Guardian Rank, and the introduction of the all new gameplay-changing Mayhem Mode.

When you combine Mayhem Mode, True Vault Hunter Mode, and Guardian Rank progression with the highly replayable Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter arenas announced during Gamescom, Borderlands 3's endgame coalesces into an engaging loop that grows increasingly rewarding (and challenging) the more you play.

With all these avenues for endgame progression, there's a wealth of challenging content to best and coveted rewards to chase as soon as you finish Borderlands 3’s story campaign. Below you’ll find a high-level overview of the new modes and features announced today, but for all the details, please refer to this blog.

Even if you somehow manage to conquer every challenge Borderlands 3 throws at you and max out every Vault Hunter class, there's still plenty more Borderlands 3 content to come. From Seasonal Events to Takedowns to new missions and cosmetics – and of course, full-fledged Campaign DLC – here's just a taste of what's on the horizon:
  • Bloody Harvest Event
    Free Content Update
    Spooky Activities
    Unique Event Rewards
  • Maliwan Takedown
    Free Content Update
    An All-New Map
    Challenging New Enemies
    Take Down and All-New Boss
    Earn Powerful Rewards
  • DLC 1 (Paid Content)
    Included with Season Pass
    New Campaign Add-On
    Details TBA...
As if that wasn't enough, Gearbox also announced that Borderlands 2 VR on PlayStation 4 is getting the Bad Ass Mega Fun (BAMF) DLC pack for free on September 6, delivering a whopping 16 pieces of DLC content from Borderlands 2. And those of you hoping to experience Borderlands 2 VR on PC won't have to wait long. Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PC in Spring 2019 and will include the base game and all its DLC in one glorious bundle.
Phew. That's a lot of information, but we're happy for the transparency and post-release support at this stage, provided punters don't get rorted on the paid content in the pipeline.

Borderlands 3 releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this September 13.
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