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Topic: Razer Kraken (2019) Review - Green is Good
Posts: 5454
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

The Razer Kraken returns this year and this time without any sort of additional naming or lettering (we've already seen the V2 a couple of years ago). That said, the Razer Kraken for 2019 features a number of welcome improvements from a new and more comfortable design to improved audio hardware. And all in a versatile and affordable package that make it well worth the investment.

Weighing in at 322 grams, where the Kraken excels and feels in-step with more premium offerings comes from the excellent build quality and lightweight aluminium frame. Where on top of that we’ve got the most comfortable and durable headband/ear cushion combo in the Kraken’s multi-year history. Switching out the circular cup shape for an oval one not only has the benefit of feeling more natural when worn, but the soft leather and memory foam that factors in glasses is exceptionally well-designed and suited for long sessions too. Whether or not the “cooling gel-infused ear cushions to reduce heat build-up” is one of the main reasons for this, or simple market-speak, is anyone’s guess.

But the result is the same, the new Razer Kraken offers a marked improvement – comfort-wise – over previous versions. And it’s one of the main reasons it’s price point and overall compatibility across any number of platforms or devices make it something you’d gladly take on-the-go in addition to leaving on a desk or coffee table.

Click Here to Read Our Full Razer Kraken (2019) Review
Posts: 977
Location: Other International

Were you forbidden on discussing that disgusting limegreen colour?

....oh they come in a few different colours. nevermind.

The gel cooling is a great idea, did you ever test it out?
Posts: 5457
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Haha yeah it also comes in black. The gel cooling is good and they are comfortable to wear for long periods so I can only assume it makes a difference...
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