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Topic: The Walking Dead: The Final Season Review - One More Bite
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Since the sudden closure of Telltale Games last year, many were left wondering if the final season of its The Walking Dead series would see the light of day. Although a tragic end to a collection of talented writers, engineers, and artists, thankfully franchise owners Skybound stepped in to complete the story. And Clementine's journey.

A snippet.
Although it features a standalone story with new characters, settings, and challenges for Clementine to face – the parallels to the first season are undeniable. Going full circle, or back to where it all began, is not a new thing – but in the case of The Walking Dead: The Final Season it serves as a great way to bring some of the series strongest and most important ideas to the fore. With Clementine now all but becoming a parent to orphan AJ, what lessons you impart on his young impressionable mind will factor into how this final tale plays out. As a mirror to Lee and Clementine’s relationship in the first season it’s true to the series in a way that feels earned.

Click Here to Read Our Full The Walking Dead: The Final Season Review
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