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Topic: A New Zelda Game Could be in the Works
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

And this information, via Eurogamer, comes by way of a Zelda Job Page over at Zelda development support studio, Monolith, who are based out of Tokyo and Kyoto and helped work on the last three Legend of Zelda games, including Breath of the Wild.

Job vacancies are always a tricky way to get a bead on exactly what might be happening around any franchise, let alone a Legend of Zelda title, with listings for artists, programmers and quest designers. Eurogamer points out that one of the positions is the "designer for main character", though it might simply be a translation oddity, but is still interesting. One Twitter user also pointed out that the artwork adorning the job listing page is of Skyward Sword origin, so we could also be looking at a re-release of an existing Zelda, rather than something new.

However, the optimistic side of us looks to both the success of Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the rumour surrounding a more beefed up version of the console being potentially released later this year. So, perhaps this is the workings of a Breath of the Wild follow-up.

Either way, E3 is really beginning to shape up as an event to keep an eye on in 2019.
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A new dlc would be fantastic! But knowning nintendo, it's a rerelease. :/
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