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Topic: The Division 2 Review - A Fine Trip to a New Capital Wastela...
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Ubisoft's The Division may have had its flaws at launch but over time the experience grew into a robust and worthwhile shared world cover-based shooter. One where the strategy, variety, and loot game felt just about right. With the sequel picking things up right where the original left, it manages to be all of that and more.

A snippet from our full review.
Variety exists from the get-go and doesn’t let up in the slightest. To say there’s a lot to do in The Division 2 would be an understatement, it’d be overwhelming if it wasn’t all so engaging and rewarding. Whether it’s the Dark Zone’s survival aspects, traditional competitive team-based arena combat, new missions in wonderfully detailed locations, more challenging enemies and factions, finding hidden loot, side missions, capturing control points and supply lines, finding Slim Shady caches (i.e. SHD Tech), or daily tasks in the form of high-profile bounties and targets to eliminate. The Division 2 all but removes the need for the endgame question entirely.

A staggering achievement that when viewed as a straight-up sequel to a loot-filled original - reminds us of the differences between Diablo II and the original Diablo. A more focused and assured vision, a clear understanding of what worked from the original and more importantly – the action-RPG genre. All wrapped up in a new and more grandiose setting – chock full of looty goodness.

Click Here to Read Our Full The Division 2 Review
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