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Topic: Ubisoft Details The Division 2's Clans Setup Ahead of Next M...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8036
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We are closing in on checking out another US government shutdown, though next month's release of The Division 2's government shutdown might be less fantastical than the one Trump facilitated. Ahem. At any rate, Ubisoft has shed some light on how clans will work in the hotly anticipated sequel, in their latest update Intelligence Annex from the game's official site.

From a pertinent perspective, clans this time around will feature:
  • Up to 50 accounts per clan
  • They'll be entirely customisable
  • Will feature clan membership ranks
  • A clan social space will be added to your base
  • Progress, projects and clan XP will be tracked
  • And will also feature clan message and voice channels
Here's an official Overview from Ubisoft:
A new feature in The Division 2 is the ability to create and manage clans in-game. Clans are designed to make it easy for you to find likeminded players to play with, and to make clan management a user-friendly experience.

Clans will focus on building tight knit communities with common goals, and will consist of up to 50 accounts, with up to four characters each. The ability to create a clan is unlocked early as a part of The Division 2's story progression. Anyone who has unlocked the feature can create their own, but to start progressing a clan, a total of four members is required.

Clan members can keep themselves informed through the clan feed, keeping you up to date with clan activity and progression. The ability to leave messages on the feed will enable members to easily stay in touch with each other and it also allows for leadership to pin important messages in order to coordinate events.

In addition, each clan will have access to two voice channels for up to 25 members each, allowing you to socialize with each other at all times, regardless of where in the game you are or what activity you currently are partaking in.
Additionally, finding a clan has been given a tight update that will help you find a clan that suits your playstyle, giving you the best chance to find the most rewarding group for you. This is also on top of being able to create your own clans, of course. And Ubisoft has given this process a comprehensive break down as well.

If you missed the link above, a far more in-depth deep-dive on how clans will work in The Division 2 can be found right here.

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